Vision of Lighthouse Academy LA

WE, Lighthouse Academy, consider human’s right to pursue knowledge to be a human responsibility and a right. We consider this knowledge as a right for every human in this world and to expand this knowledge for others IS the essence of humanitarian existence. It is the basis of the human ego and human dogmas. We are ALL human creatures and we all share the same values and same mentality. Treasures of all nations and all people are to be shared and published for all nations. They are to be read and understood by people of all cultures and languages. Our vision is to do that and to connect the dots between civilizations, and expand knowledge, and information.

We are planning to be a premier center of excellence in higher education, research and innovation, and expression for the development of knowledge and other branches of learning, and the creation of new academic programs.

We are doing our best to provide and present arts, literature, and treasures of world heritage in addition to making frequent steps of the best and most unique and distinguished treasures of the world.

We plan for a vibrant learning environment – fostering innovation and creativity, informed by practice, inspired by research, focusing on the globally relevant areas in which we excel especially regarding advanced arts of convincing and marketing.

We are building the next generation of highly employable global students to shape the future.

We are planning to emphasize particularly providing international opportunities for our students in order to ensure that we provide an environment where students can develop skills, competencies, and knowledge required by the global economy.